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The Top 5 Best Drift Trikes for 2021

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If you’ve been looking to grab one of the best drift trikes available but didn’t know how to decide which one then we’ve got the article for you. Below we’ll be taking a look at our top 5 best drift trikes, all of which have been judged according to a variety of characteristics.

This post might be a bit out of place on my blog since I usually only cover motorized personal mobility devices. However, I have recently invested some money in a high-quality drift trike and wanted to share with you the fun I have with my trike and all the research I have done to find the best drifting trike for myself. The five following trikes have been considered for their price and value, their comfort factor, how high quality their wheels are and more.

Best Drift Trikes – Buying Guide

While this list is a top 5, it isn’t in any ascending order of quality. Each one of these drift trikes has their pros and their cons as we have listed for each of them. They all excel at some things that would make them a great fit for some people but not all.

They’re all tied for first place as far as we are concerned so feel free to have a look at our run downs to see which one best suits your needs.


With that said, let’s start looking at our top 5 best drift trike tricycles:

1. Triad Underworld 3 Drift Trike

The  Triad Underworld 3 is a little heavy but provides the smoothest drifting experience of all the drift trikes on this list.


  • Comes in several attractive color schemes
  • High-quality paint matte finish
  • Very comfortable and adjustable seat
  • “Sentinel” scooter platform
  • Extreme stability
  • Quick assembly


  • Just a little too heavy for carrying or easily placing in storage

Triad Underworld 3 Drift Trike Tricycle, Black/Grey
38 Reviews
Triad Underworld 3 Drift Trike Tricycle, Black/Grey
  • All new Sentinel Platform has a 20% wider track and lower center of gravity creating huge gains in stability
  • Beefed up 15 mm heat treated boron steel axle
  • High quality matte paint finish
  • 17 cm of seat adjustment to give you a custom fit
  • The tried and true 49er rear replaceable slick wheel

The first drift trike on our list today is a Triad. The Underworld 3 is absolutely top-notch when it comes to build quality while providing an all-around riding experience good for leisurely rides and for going on alternative terrains.

The first thing we want to mention is how the Underworld 3 looks. It is a very impressive model to feast your eyes on. For one thing, Triad has several colors available. Some of them are typical and some of them are unique, but they all look great. The paint finish on every one of them looks professional. The grayish-black is sleek and stylish. The chrome blue frame matches the black tires and the silver frames very nicely. The neon blue and yellow is flashy without being too distracting.

The build quality alone could arguably justify the price of around $300. While the seat is made from standard yet still acceptable plastic, the axles, wheels, handlebars, and frame are all top notch. This thing handles bumps and turns beautifully. No matter how fast you’re going or what kind of corner you’re turning, the Underworld 3 will keep you firm and steady much better than other drift trikes. Even if you completely change the adjustment of the seat you’ll still feel as stable as in any other position.

Similar to the Syndicate 3, the Underworld 3 has a “sentinel platform” that can be used as the primary riding position or to carry a secondary passenger. It’s identical to the platform used in the Syndicate, so it’s definitely sturdy but could still use a little more grip tape for extra stability.

The axles and the frame tracks have been increased in size in order to give the Underworld 3 its impressive sense of firmness. Their modified width is what helps heavily reduce rockiness and gives this drift trike the ability to handle various bumps and rocks.

It’s very hard to come up with something bad to say about Triad’s Underworld 3 drift trike. We weren’t much of a fan of the weight as it was just a little too heavy, weighing at 34 pounds in total. Much of this can be attributed to the increased size in the axles and frames. It isn’t noticeable when actually riding but when it comes to carrying it out of the house or putting it back into storage, that’s when you’ll notice the lack of portability with this trike.

While Triad hasn’t specified a maximum weight limit, we presume that it is higher than the standard 200-220 pounds considering the weight and impressive build construction of this drift trike.

Final Thoughts

We would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a drift trike that prioritizes sturdiness and stability. Anyone who wants a drifting or riding experience that provides the minimal amount of rocking will want to seriously consider getting the Triad Underworld 3.

2. Razor DXT Drift Trike

The Razor DXT Drift Trike is relatively light and provides great maneuverability, making the DXT a very responsive and fun trike.


  • Great for tricks
  • Downhill turns are responsive
  • Comfortable even at higher speeds
  • Good grip on handlebars
  • Under $200


  • Seat is uncomfortable in some positions
  • Only one color scheme

Razor DXT Drift Trike
2,152 Reviews
Razor DXT Drift Trike
  • Where Downhill Meets Drift. Ages-14 and up. Maximum weight-198 pounds
  • Steel trike style frame combined with Super Slider POM rear wheels
  • Riders can power slide through corners, throw fish tails or fast 180s!
  • Front free-wheel with BMX style platform pedals and alloy crank
  • Features: moto-style handlebars, pro-style grips, triple crown fork, adjustable bucket style seat, and tow hook attachment, grip tape on rear axle

Razor’s DXT is aimed for ages 14 and up. Teenagers and adults alike will find that this drift trike is perfect for anyone who’s especially interested in doing snake slides and other maneuvers involving sharp and fast turns.

Drift trikes are primarily used for doing downhill tricks with speed and the DXT’s wheels are designed just for that. Both of the back wheels are large and rounded on the edges to make fast corner turns feel smooth. We recommend this drift trike to people who intend to take full advantage of its speed and turning capabilities. In other words, if you plan on riding crazy spinning, drifting, and doing sharp turns as much as possible then this is a great option.

The color scheme of black and yellow is simple but appropriate. Looking at something like the DXT in motion really brings to mind go-karts, ATVs and even motorcycles. We do wish they had more cosmetic options that resembled these kinds of vehicles, however.

The DXT only weighs around 19 pounds. It is this relatively lightweight frame that makes it so good for downhill tricks, 180s or fish tails.

The handlebars are made out of a very comfortable rubber and offer a great grip that is hard to lose, even at its top speeds.

The rear axle is angled upwards to give the DXT increased performance when riding downhill. Fast turns around corners are made easier and smoother because of this. The axle also has two tapes of grip placed about an inch away from each wheel. You can use these grip tapes to tow things from behind such as a small wagon for kids.

In the end, this is a reliable and comfortable drift trike for downhill routes. Because the seat is slightly adjustable you can always shift it to match your own personal height or for whatever incline you happen to be riding down on. The frame is made from solid components and they do not buckle at all when you are drifting downhill.

Final Thoughts

The Razor DXT Drift Trike is a comfortable ride that will perform great for anyone seeking more of a thrill to their drifting experience. To top it all off, the DXT is currently available for under 200 dollars making it not only affordable but quite a value.

3. Triad Countermeasure 2 Drift Trike

The Triad Countermeasure 2 Drift Trike is our pick for best drift trikes for kids, giving an exciting yet still safe riding experience for children.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Large wheels for good turning
  • Decent color options
  • Good pricing


  • Might be a little heavy for smaller kids
  • Assembly is long, involves multiple parts

Triad Countermeasure 2 - Silver/Magenta Bubble Gum
9 Reviews
Triad Countermeasure 2 - Silver/Magenta Bubble Gum
  • Uniquely fitted for younger riders
  • New quick release fully adjustable seat slider
  • New Snake head twin tube steel frame design
  • 18 inch BMX front freewheel
  • Improved 49er replaceable rear Slick wheel mounted on the new 15mm axle

Once again, we return to one of Triad’s drift trikes, except this time we’ll be looking at one of their models designed for younger ages. The Countermeasure 2 is perhaps Triad’s best drift trike for children.

Part of why we chose to feature the Countermeasure 2 on our list was because of its many differences from the Ezyroller Drifter. Both are great drift trikes for kids but have gone in different directions for multiple aspects.

For one thing, the Countermeasure 2 has the typical wheels found on nearly all drift trikes, with a common bike wheel in the front and the two cylindrical ones in the back. As you may have already guessed this is an outdoor trike only and may be a better fit for kids who will only – or are only allowed to – ride their vehicles outside.

Despite being for younger riders, all of the wheels on the Countermeasure 2 are fairly large. They aren’t too big to fit younger ages but they do provide better traction on tougher surfaces whether that’s rough asphalt or dirt. Where the Ezyroller prioritizes leisure and comfort, the Countermeasure 2 is for the child or teenager who favors a little more adventure instead.

The Countermeasure 2 is also heavier than the Ezyroller, clocking in at 30 pounds. This is mainly due to the steel bars, axles, and frame that make the drift trike more durable. It also provides a more stable and smooth riding experience even on inclines. Its weight might make it a little heavy for smaller kids to move when not riding it but it mostly won’t be an issue.

As big as the back tires are they’re actually fairly lightweight. This allows them to keep up with any sharper turns that the front wheel makes. The seat is adjustable and can actually be angled a little more upwards than usual. This allows the rider to lean back more while still being arched towards the handlebars. Thanks to the back wheels being lightweight, the extra weight from leaning back won’t impact acceleration.

The build quality is pretty good. It isn’t made out of the most robust materials but it’s still steel and will last several years even with a lot of use. The color options for the Countermeasure 2 are also better than what we’ve seen with the previous Triad on our list. The brakes are standard but are still pretty responsive.

Final Thoughts

It’s not the most technical drift trike but it’s a great option for younger users who want something that can handle a little more intensity in terms of terrain, speed, and incline. For its price the Triad Countermeasure 2 has a lot to offer young age groups.

4. Triad Syndicate 3 Drift Trike Tricycle

The Triad Syndicate 3 Drift Tricycle is the most expensive trike we reviewed and offers the most comfort and highest quality components. If you can afford it, this is the trike you should get.


  • Extra padded seat cushion
  • Well-enforced steel frame
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Adjustable seat
  • Foot platform for upright use


  • Available colors are unappealing
  • A little pricey

Triad Syndicate 3 Drift Trike Tricycle, Teal/Red
12 Reviews
Triad Syndicate 3 Drift Trike Tricycle, Teal/Red
  • Anodized oversized wheel and matching anodized parts
  • Oversized aluminum handle bars and forged aluminum stem
  • New quick-release fully adjustable Seat Slider with up to 20 cm of adjustment for the perfect fit
  • Internally routed Tektro hydraulic disc brake control system
  • Includes both standard freewheel and optional fixed pedal mounts for downhill runs when gravity does the work!

The next drift trike on our list is a more adult-sized one that’s also well suited for teenagers. The Triad Syndicate 3 is a great drifting tricycle primarily because of all of its extra features and good build quality.

Like usual drift trikes the Syndicate 3 has the usual wheels. The front tire is just like a regular bike tire but is also equipped with the two foot pedals, whereas the two back tires are in the usual cylindrical style.

Both the front and the rear of the trike’s frame are made from very durable steel. The Triad Syndicate 3 is designed for more intense roundabouts. If you like cruising through a variety of rougher terrain then the Syndicate 3 is built for your kind of trip. The wheels and the frame can survive the elements, whether its dirt or mud. It isn’t exactly an all-terrain vehicle as usage in deep puddles or sand really dampens the performance. But it can still be pushed pretty far as an outdoors ride.

One of the extra features we really liked was the Sentinel platform, as Triad calls it. This is something that is seen on some of their other models as well. Directly behind the seat is a footboard that allows you to stand on as if riding a scooter. This gives the Syndicate 3 some versatility in how you wish to ride it. You have to hunch yourself over a little bit to reach the handlebars but it is surprisingly a lot more comfortable than it looks. There will be times that you’ll want to switch back and forth between the two. It’s actually a really cool feature and we wish more drift trikes would adopt it. There are others that have it but the way we see it, why not all?

Speaking of comfort, Triad was nice enough to include a padded cushion that fits over the plastic seat like a glove. You’ll want to be a little careful with it depending on where you ride your drift trike. You don’t want to get it torn or too dirty. Nevertheless, it is a very comfortable add-on that is very easy on your back. Making it removable was a smart move on Triad’s part as this makes it much easier to clean.

The braking system uses a disc attached to the front wheel. This makes braking very quick and responsive, a necessary feature if you’re planning on going at fast speeds through hills and woods.

We’re not a fan of the combination of colors that Triad chose for this model. You can receive the Syndicate 3 in either purple and black, or teal and light orange. Neither combination looks particularly attractive whether you’re out on the streets or out in the woods.

The Syndicate 3 is also the most expensive drift trike on our list today which is sure to repel some readers. We believe this trike is absolutely worth every dollar considering the high-end materials used in its crafting.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we were very impressed with the Syndicate 3. It has a weight limit of 220 pounds and will fit people who are even over 6 feet tall just fine. All this means that a wide variety of people can, and should, check out this drift trike if they want something with a few extra features.

5. Ezyroller Drifter Ride On

EzyRoller Drifter Ride On - Go Faster Than Ever Before - Blue

Ezyroller Drifter Ride On is an inexpensive drift trike that will please younger kids but may prove a bit too limited for older children.


  • Affordable
  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Variety of colors available
  • Smooth turns


  • Not designed for inclines or slopes
  • Older kids may outgrow the seat

EzyRoller Drifter Ride On - Go Faster Than Ever Before - Blue
129 Reviews
EzyRoller Drifter Ride On - Go Faster Than Ever Before - Blue
  • A RIDE ON LIKE NO OTHER: The EzyRoller Drifter combines both movement of the feet and the wiggling of the seat, creating higher speeds with outstanding drifting capabilities.
  • FOR THE DAREDEVIL IN YOU: Whether imagining you’re in fast and the furious, enjoying the weather or getting some exercise, the Drifter glides smoothly and silently with no batteries or chains required.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILIES: In just a matter of seconds you’ll be swept away. Swerving, darting, ducking, and speeding, the EzyRoller Drifter is just the outdoor toy for anyone wanting excitement and fun!
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Includes one EzyRoller Drifter Ride On, size-extensions, and owner’s manual with assembly parts. Easy general assembly and ready to ride in 5 minutes or less.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Recommended for kids 6-14 years of age. Weight limit 150 lbs. Designed to be used on flat/smooth surfaces indoor and outdoor. Assembly requires adult supervision.

The last drift trike on our list is the first one up for a particular reason. While it’s too small a ride to be used by adults it is a great choice for children. If you ever planned on getting a drift trike for your son, daughter or a child in your life then the Ezyroller Drifter Ride On might be your top pick.

This very affordable drift trike is lightweight and portable. Weighing in at only 12 pounds, this means that it takes very little force to move and can be operated without trouble by younger ages. Ezyroller recommends that ages of at least six years can use the Ride On trike and it has a weight limit of around 150 pounds. Just about anyone who isn’t yet a teenager should be able to use this with no problems.

EzyRoller Drifter Ride On - Go Faster Than Ever Before - Blue

The wheels installed onto the Ride On are pretty unique for a drift trike. The two back wheels are formed like typical spherical tires instead of the more cylindrical ones seen on most drift trikes. Luckily, for parents, this means the Ride On drift trike is suitable for indoors and outdoors usage. The wheels used in the Ride On are very smooth and non-marking. A variety of floors will not get scuffed up, including hardwood flooring.

The Ride On comes in a variety of colors including blue, orange, lime green, pink and more. Children love getting a bicycle in their favorite color and that definitely still applies to drifting tricycles.

The extendable bar is one of the most underrated aspects of the Ezyroller. Instead of having your child outgrow the Ride On after a couple of years, it will grow along with them. The default settings are set to smaller children but they can easily be extended to achieve a perfect fit.

EzyRoller Drifter Ride On - Go Faster Than Ever Before - Blue

The seat itself has kids resting in a comfortable position so that they can ride for hours at a time and not get fatigued. While the fabric used in the seating is comfortable it isn’t the most durable. It will feel better on smaller and younger children than for ages 10 and up.

The Ride On was designed for flat surfaces only, so, unfortunately, slopes, hills or anything with much of an incline are going to be a no go.

EzyRoller Drifter Ride On - Go Faster Than Ever Before - Blue

Final Thoughts

Despite a couple of flaws, the Ezyroller Ride On is a great drift trike for ages five to 12. It’s an inexpensive way to get your children a gift that will give them years of fun and exercise all wrapped in one.


Now that we’ve reached the end of our top 5 best drift trikes list, we hope you’ve been able to appreciate what these five vehicles do differently and why we chose them. Each one offers something valuable for different demographics and for people with different interests.

Children, or parents of children looking for a gift for their kids, should definitely check out the Ezyroller for its no-hassle style and emphasis on comfort. Kids looking for something to use on terrain other than paved roads, grass or sidewalks will love the Triad Countermeasure 2 for its superior turning and speeds.

Adults will definitely want to check out the Razor DXT if they want the thrill of a downhill slope more than anything, especially if they want to perform as many tricks as they can with smooth turns that don’t fail. The Triad Underworld 3 is practically unbeatable for anyone looking for the most stability for their dollar.

The Triad Syndicate 3 Drift Tricycle, being the most expensive item on our list, is loaded with extra features such as the padded cushion and the disc-based braking system. These bonuses more than justify the price tag while also giving the Syndicate 3 some extra value and longevity.

Thanks for reading out top 5 list and we hope you’ve discovered the right drift trike to suit your preferences.

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